Silver Cup 2022

 The 2022 Silver Cup Evening took place on 5th April after a long break since the last Cup Evening in 2019 due to the Covid pandemic. There was good attendance by members who enjoyed viewing the paintings, voting for their favourites and consuming the food and drink. Paddy Holmes, our Patron, was not available this year so it was unanamously agreed that our long standing and hard working Chairman, Barbara Wood, should present the prizes.

The winners and runners-up are shown below.



   Novice Cup - Wendy Carpenter              Oils Cup - John Prime                Watercolour - Heather Prime

         Acrylic Cup -Gill Merrett                    Portrait - Bob Payne                          Pastel Cup - Gill Merrett

      Mixed media - Barbara Wood               Miniature - David Collier                      Wildlife - Yvonne Bromley        

   Creative Trophy - Yvonne Bromley        Domestic animals - John Robinson          Seascape - John Robinson

         Life drawing - Pat Hoper             Jennings Wood Trophy chosen and presented by our Principal - Joan Burnett

                                                                                                           to Heather Prime

Full list  of winners and runners- up

Category                                                       Winner                                           Runner Up
1 Novice Cup                                              Wendy Carpenter
2 Cotterell Cup - Oils                                   John Prime                                           Gill Merrett
3 Watercolour Cup                                      Heather Prime                                        John Robinson
4 Field Cup                                                 Steve Driver                                           Pat Hoper
5 Acrylic Cup                                              Gill Merrett                                            David Collier
6 Portrait Cup                                              Bob Payne                                            David Collier
7 Pastel Cup                                                Gill Merrett                                           Cathy Hales
8 Mixed Media Shield                                    Barbara Wood
9 Force Cup - Miniatures                                David Collier                                         Terry Devaney
10 Flower Cup                                               Steve Driver
11 Wildlife Cup                                              Yvonne Bromley                                    Barbara Wood
12 Creative Trophy                                          Yvonne Bromley                                   John Prime
13 Emily Norris Cup - Domestic Animals          John Robinson                                      Heather Prime
14 Geoffrey Hayman Cup - Seascape               John Robinson                                      Bob Payne
15 Life Drawing                                               Pat Hoper                                             Barbara Wood