Please note; visitors are welcome, but a guest fee is asked of £3 for members run workshops and £5 for professional workshops and demonstrations and Life Group

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Outdoor Painting     2022

The following outdoor painting sessions have been scheduled. More may be inserted.

Organisers - Dianne Colwell - 07986 189309    and      Jennifer Quaintance  -  07854 514715    

 also contact John Davis  01243 37166 -  Meet: 10am in car park (CP ) or local area parking (LAP)

August               2nd   Brook Meadows, Emsworth - PayCP behind Tesco - toilet - PO10 7DT

                             16th  The Locks - Locksway Rd - Milron, Portsmouth - pub CP - PO4 8LT

                              30th Mill Pond, Emsworth, LAP - toilets - PO10 8BS

Sept                    13th - Warsash Seafront - big CP - toilets - pubs - SO31 9FT


2022-2023  Programme      

October              4th    (2-4.30pm)      Member's workshop - Terry Devaney - still life

                             11th    (           Life Group

                              18th   (2-4.30 pm)       Professional  Demo / Workshop

                                                             Jonathan  Newey - impressionist landscape in acrylic                             

                                25th    (        LifeGroup

November         1st      (2-4.30pm)      Professional Demo / Workshop

                                                               Davd White - Seascape in acrylics

                                8th     (2-4.30pm)       Member's   Workshop - John Davis - Toucan

                               15th   (            Life Group

                                19th & 20th           2022  AUTUMN EXHIBITION & SALE

                                29th    (           Life Group

December            6th    (7- 10pm)          CHRISTMAS PARTY


January                 10th   (2-4.30pm)      Member's Workshop - David Collier - Landscape

                                 17th   (2-4pm)            Life Group

                                 24th   (2-4,30pm)      Professional Demo / Workshop

                                                                   Sharon Hurst - Watercolour

                                  31st   (2-4pm)             Life Group

February                  7th   (2-4pm)             Life Group

                                   14th  (2-4.30pm)       Member's workshop - Yvonne Bromley -Fox - pastels

                                   21st  (2-4pm)              Life Group

                                   28th  (7- 9pm)            Professional Demo - Roger Dellar - Interior in oils

March                        7th  (2-4pm)              Life Group

                                   14th  (2-4.30pm)       Member's Workshop - Bob Payne - Pet portrait in acrylic 

                                     21st  (2-4pm)            Life Group 

                                     28th  (2-4.30pm)     AGM

April                             4th (2-4pm)             Life Group

                                     18th (2-4.30pm)       Members Workshop - James Ward - Art in sign writing

                                     25th  (7-10pm)         SILVER CUP AWARDS EVENING

May                              TBC                              Professional Artist Demo