News           2020  Outside Painting Days

  13th  October   Stanstead Park -
St Paul's chapel was more sheltered from wind - pictures by John Davis, Barbara Wood, Edward Girrard

    6th  October   Hayling, East Stoke
  A very windy day - paintings Barbara Wood and Cathy Craggs.   Nearby St Mary's Church by Steve Driver

    29th  September   Tichfield Abbey  ( paintings by Steve Driver, Cathy Craggs, Gill Dollery, Peter Dixon)
     22nd  September      Southwick
 ( paintings by Gill Merrett, Gill Dollery and Barbara Wood)

  15th September   Wicor Marine  
(painting by Edward Girrard)

   8th September      Bosham     (
paintings from  Edward Girrard, Barbara Wood and John Davis)

     28th July  Langstone                     
  (painting - Edward Girrard)

  21st July         Porchester Castle      -                    
(painting - Gill Dollery)    

     Edward Girrard                          Cathy Craggs                                     Julie Anderson


    14th July          West Stoke Church      -   (paintings  -  Bob Payne and Edward Girrard)

           2020  Winter programme until stopped in March due to Coronavirus.
                10th March - afternoon - Bob Payne workshop                      evening -  Lynne Davies demonstration

      25th February   afternoon  -   Diane Colwell   workshop        -    evening  -   Roger Dellar  -   demonstration  'Dance Scene'

                     11th February  -     afternoon  Gill Dollery  a cottage garden                                  evening   Barry Lester
                                                                                                                                                 demo/workshop on Drawing

            28th January -     afternoon, Gillian Merrett  workshop - painting trees                 evening - Sharon Hurst demonstrated
                                                                                                                                                     a Winter Landscape

     14th January  Sue Colyer demonstrated loose watercolour then led a workshop for the nearly 50 members who came.

                                    Our Christmas Party on Tuesday 10th December  See more pictures HERE




                                                        2019 Silver Cup Awards Evening  -  9th April  
                                                                see  winners and photos HERE


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